Institutional Technology Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Institutional Technology Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes
October 21, 2009
I. Call to order
The CIO called to order the specially-scheduled meeting of the Institutional
Technology Advisory Committee at 10:00 AM on October 21, 2009 in the IT
Conference Room.
II. Roll call
The following were in attendance: Steve Vieira, Ruth Sullivan, Carl Toft, Rich
Coren, John Panzica, Karen Allen and Peter Woodberry.
Absent: Deb Aiken excused, Kay Johnson excused Invited Guest: Bruce Barrett
III. Approval of minutes from last meeting
Minutes were approved through email response.
IV. Discussion Items
a) Still looking for a Student Rep replacement
The CIO expressed his desire to get a student representative on the committee
in order to get a different and important perspective involved with the group.
John Panzica offered that he might know of some people and that he would
take as an action item that discussion with one person in particular.
b) Draft IT Project List
The CIO presented a draft list of potential projects that IT would be working
on during the 2009-10 Academic Year. He asked that the committee review
the list and at the next meeting bring their first cut at what should be a priority
rating of those projects. Bruce Barrett presented a description of the projects
directly related to his group, Infrastructure. Bruce explained the various
projects, their relative importance to CCRI and the resources involved in their
implementation. The committee asked several questions concerning each
project which led to a proposal by Peter Woodberry and others.
Peter suggested that it might be helpful if a short paragraph be developed
about each project. The paragraph would include the background for the
project, its importance and benefit to the college, its timelines and resources to
accomplish and its drawbacks if delayed or undone. The CIO suggested that
this could be done and would be sent within the next week in order to provide
some additional information to the committee.
The committee also asked the CIO to rank order these projects so that ITAC
could understand their level of importance in his mind. This was an action
item that was taken by the CIO and will be delivered by October 30th.
c) Visit from CCRI Technology Council Representative and discussion of
Governance at CCRI
Bruce Barrett spoke about the governance process and offered excerpts from
an article he had on governance.
Concern was expressed by the committee that the Technology Council
appeared to be replacing the functionality already in place through ITAC. In
future meetings, Kate Dunnigan will be invited to explain the role of the
Technology Council portion of the Governance Committee.
d) Banner 8 Upgrade Update
The CIO explained that the Banner 8 upgrade was successfully accomplished
during the Columbus Day weekend without incident. A few small things were
fixed in day one of production. A larger problem with the job submission
program, AppWorx, was solve within the first 8 days of production.
e) Next projects to be addressed
The CIO explained the upcoming schedule of projects that are on the
immediate horizon including the new report writer Argos and the Banner
Performance Reporting Analytics implementation.
f) Data Quality and Standards
The CIO discussed his attempts to organize a review committee for two new
software packages called QAS and Clean Address, respectively. These data
quality programs ensure that data input meet standards established by the
college and pre-check information before sending it off to Banner,
PeopleAdmin and Raiser’s Edge.
The CIO explained that by using these programs, CCRI could ensure that data
entered into these databases would meet CCRI data quality standards. Several
groups will be invited to the meetings in a similar manner to how the Argos
report writer was selected last year.
g) Other topics for the Group
Peter Woodbury requested that further discussion be held concerning Faculty
Evaluations and the development behind online facilities to further this process.
d) Adjournment
The CIO adjourned the meeting at 11:05 AM.
Minutes submitted by: Stephen A. Vieira