Name:_________________________________ ... _____ 1. and

_____ 1. and
_____ 2. username
_____ 3. Boolean operators
_____ 4. security
_____ 5. calculate
_____ 6. search engines
_____ 7. descending
_____ 8. search
_____ 9. domain
_____ 10. record
_____ 11. E-mail
_____ 12. page setup
_____ 13. field
_____ 14. or
_____ 15. file
_____ 16. operators
_____ 17. format
_____ 18. Online resources
Technology Terms List # 5
a. An item of information in a record of a database file.
b. Process used to locate all records that satisfy a
criterion. May be called find, match, filter, query, or
c. A connector used in searching databases which
indicates that selected records must satisfy two or
more criteria.
d. To arrange text entries in a field in Z to A order or a
number field from largest to smallest.
e. Connecting terms such as AND, OR, NOT that can
often be used in keyboard searches to refine search
f. A collection or listing of related fields (categories) in
a database field.
g. First part of an e-mail address. Example: jmwinton
is the username of the following e-mail address
[email protected]
h. The term in references to the way a document is
formatted and printed.
i. Software that searches, gathers and identifies
information from a database based keywords,
indices, titles and text.
j. The working of mathematical equations. Formulas
are used in a spreadsheet to make this happen.
k. The part of our internet address that identifies where
a persons account is located. For example, in the
address [email protected] the domain is
everything after the @
l. Protection of a computer, computer files or a
computer network from use without permission of the
owner or owners.
m. Sending and receiving messages through a
computer network.
n. A collection of related records in a database.
o. To set the margins, tabs, font or line spacing in
layout of a document.
p. A connector used in searching databases that
indicates the selected records must satisfy one or
the other criteria.
q. Internet information available to a computer user
r. Mathematical symbols (such as <,>, and =) that are
used in a filter.