MEETING MINUTES 11/9/10 Persons in Attendance:

Persons in Attendance: Ann Warren, Ibtesam Dessousky, Lora Lane, Harv
Siegel, Dan Keller
Meeting Called to Order: 12:30 PM
The sole purpose of this meeting was to go over the Distance Learning Manual
and make any necessary changes and clarifications.
1. The committee recommended that the following changes be made on
page 9, under “Curriculum Requirements”: “Online classes and hybrid
classes must have an approved course outline on record in addition to
the traditional classes as well as approval for online instruction. All
online and hybrid offerings must be approved through the division chair
as well as the Curriculum Committee and the Academic Senate.
(Underlined text is added.) Also: is Academic Senate approval needed
for online/hybrid classes?
2. Is the Faculty Evaluation form on page 29 reproduced from the
contract? And is there a uniform method of delivery of the survey,
through ETUDES, perhaps?
3. Add a definition of “hybrid” to the glossary on page 11.
4. Strike ”or web-enhanced offerings” from Principle 1 on page 7, OR add a
definition of “web-enhanced” to the glossary, with a note that webenhanced classes do not require separate Curriculum Committee
Adjourned: 1:10 pm
Cc: L. McKenzie