Ibtesam Dessousky, Ellen Joiner, Lora ... Joy Fisher, Sally Fasteau, Kandy White, Harv Siegel, Marian Locascio

Persons in Attendance: Robert Richards, Ann Warren, Joan Thomas-Spiegel,
Ibtesam Dessousky, Ellen Joiner, Lora Lane, Elena Reigadas, Timothy Davis,
Joy Fisher, Sally Fasteau, Kandy White, Harv Siegel, Marian Locascio
Meeting Called to Order: 12:35 PM
AGENDAMOTION: made/seconded (Joan/Harv)
MOTION: made/seconded (Joan/Ibtesam) and moved
That: Minutes of the 4/13/10 D/DL Committee meeting be
approved, with one change: under Item V, the words “Program
Review” should read instead “manual”: “The rough draft is now
online at the users’ site. Committee members are asked to look it
over and provide feedback to Joan and Bob, so we can complete
the Program Review manual.”
Fall sites are almost all uploaded.
Measurement of success rates of live vs. online classes: one of
the District researchers gave us a spreadsheet which we might
be able to use for Program Review, but methods of
measurement are still uncertain.
There was unanimous consent by the Academic Senate that all
online courses be checked for 508 compliance, and instructors
be apprised of the rules for compliance (as we recommended in
November). Sally’s concern is that we need to be sure to follow
up on this. Thus, we will forward the necessary information to
Academic Affairs and add it to the manual. Lora asked if we can
use videos from YouTube and other outside sources and still be
compliant. Tim said, if you give him a copy of the video, he can
have it captioned within a week. It was agreed that we could
use some training on video captioning and how to use outside
sources in an accessible way; perhaps there could be some
classes in the Teaching and Learning Center on this.
The Add procedure for online classes hasn’t changed since last
semester. The contract orders that online classes not enroll
more than 40 students; faculty have the option to add more.
Wait lists are optional, and can be as long as 99 students.
The DL manual is complete for this year, although more may be
added as needed in the fall.
Virtual Harbor is still in process.
 There was some discussion of what support services are available
for online students, and how those can be better publicized to both
students and new faculty. It was suggested that perhaps we could
have a video in the TLC to show new faculty. It was also suggested
that we add online tutoring information to the class schedule.
Adjourned: 1:20 pm
Cc: L. McKenzie