ENC 0002 SYLLABUS Spring 2007 Credits: 4

Spring 2007
Credits: 4
T-R 9:50-11:05 AM
Instructor: Wendy Goodwin
Office: B105
Phone: (305) 237-5207
Email: [email protected]
Office Hours: M 11-12, T 11:15-1:15pm, W 11-1pm, R 11:15-1:15pm & 2:304:30pm, F 11-12pm
Course Description:
ENC 0002 is a college preparatory writing course which addresses effective sentence
development using standard English. Lab required. Special fee. 4 credits
Prerequisites: CPT score of 51-70 or successful completion of ENC 0002
Textbook: Fawcett, Susan. Grassroots with Readings: The Writer’s Workbook.
Eighth Ed. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2006
Course Competencies:
Competency 1: The student will write sentences which include:
a. subjects
b. verbs
c. complete thoughts
Competency 2: The student will write various types of sentences which include:
a. simple sentences
b. compound sentences
c. complex sentences
Competency 3: The student will recognize and correct common errors in:
noun forms
verb forms and tenses
subject-verb agreement
adjective and adverb modification
run-ons (comma splices and fused sentences)
Final Grade %
Quizzes and Tests
Grammar Final Exam
Writing Assignments
A standard 10-point grade scale will be used. Your final grade must average a “C” in
order to pass the class.
A 90-100
B 80-89
C 70-79
D 60-69
F 59 or below
Lab Component: You must bring your books to lab, so your bookwork/homework can be
checked. We will attend lab every other week, and you will be expected to be prepared
for your lab assignments. You may not take your mastery tests unless your bookwork is
Final Grades: “S” for Satisfactory (move to next level); “P” for Progress Made (retake
the class); or “U” for Unsatisfactory (retake the class). Failure to complete lab will result
in a “P” or “U.”
Course/Departmental Policies:
Attendance is mandatory. If you are absent 3 consecutive times without contacting the
instructor, you may be dropped/purged from the class. You may have five absences (non
consecutive) without penalty; after that, each time you are absent, your FINAL grade will
be lowered by 5 points, which equals ½ grade. If you are fifteen or more minutes late to
class or leave fifteen or more minutes early, you are considered absent. You are tardy if
you arrive after I take roll; if you come to class and I have already taken roll, you have
been marked absent. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to come to me after class to ask me
to change your absence to a tardy. If you forget, you are considered absent for the day.
When you must be absent:
There will of course be times when illness or personal issues prevent you from attending
class. You are being provided with a daily schedule which details all of our assignments
and activities for each class meeting. If you miss a class, I expect you to look at your
schedule and do the work assigned so that when you return, you will not have fallen
behind. It is YOUR responsibility to stay current.
Make Up Work: I do not allow students to make up quizzes missed during absences
unless I am shown documentation (ex. doctor’s note) or the student has contacted me in
advance and provided a reasonable excuse for missing the quiz. If you do not come to
class and do not contact me, you will not be permitted to make up your missed quiz.
Please pay careful attention to your daily schedule as ALL QUIZ DATES ARE LISTED.
Classroom Policies:
All electronic devices will be turned off and kept out of sight. No exceptions.
Be respectful in dress and speech.
If you must leave class for any reason, please go with a minimum of noise and disruption.
This is college—you are expected to come to class prepared, having read the
assignments, done the homework, and with books, paper, and pens/pencils and ready to
participate fully.
All assignments are to be turned in on date due at the beginning of class. If you cannot
complete an assignment for any reason, you must email/call/visit me before the due date
to explain why you are having trouble completing your assignment. At my discretion, I
may give extensions to students who have valid reasons for delays. However, if you
show up to class without your assignment and without having contacted me, you will be
docked ten points per day the assignment is late. After three days, the assignment
receives a zero. Communicating with the instructor is key.
Teacher/Student Communication:
I am here to help you, and you are encouraged to ask questions, visit me in my office, and
speak with me before or after class. If you are having difficulties understanding
concepts, let me assist you. If you are having problems in your personal life which are
affecting your classroom progress, tell me. You may speak to me in person, write me a
note, email me, or telephone me—just get in touch!
Students with special needs:
Students with special needs must identify themselves through the Access/Disability
Services Office A 230. Reasonable accommodations will be provided.
What you can expect from me:
*Respect for you as an individual and a student
*Clear explanations of each assignment and the criteria used for grading
*Assistance when you are having difficulty
*Enthusiastic teaching
*A sincere desire to see you succeed
*Updates on your progress. Besides the updates I give you, any time you want to know
how you are doing, please ask
*Feedback on your class performance
*An open invitation to discuss any and all concerns related to this class
Student feedback of instructor:
If you have suggestions for how the class can be improved, please either tell me in
person, or if you are too shy to do so, leave an anonymous note for me. Additionally,
students will be asked to provide formal feedback of the instructor and course during the
Available Support Services:
Learning Support Lab D203
SAIL Lab (System for Applied & individualized Learning)
Computer Courtyard D206
Advisement Services Department A233
New Student Center A233