Job Applications Introduction to Business & Marketing

Job Applications
Introduction to Business & Marketing
What Is A Job Application?
• Form that employers give
to potential employees to
• Lists relevant information:
▫ Work Experience
▫ Education
▫ Skills
▫ References
How Important Is It?
• Screens you out or in!
• Chance to make a first impression!
• Creates the basis for the interview!
Tips For A Good Application
• Complete the form neatly
• Spell all words correctly
• Use a pen with blue or black ink
• Answer every question – write “N/A” for those
questions that are not applicable
• Use your full name (not a nickname)
Watch Out For…
• Incomplete or missing information
• Inaccurate information
• Any unintentional marks, such as
scribbles or marking out words
• Colored ink or pencil
• Listing “anything” for your preferred
Who Should be a Reference?
• People who know your
work habits and
personal traits well
• People who can
recommend you for
the job
• People you have
known for a significant
amount of time
Professional References
• Always ask for
permission to use
their contact
• You may consider:
▫ Teachers
▫ Former employers
▫ Friends established
as business contacts
The Application Process
• Keep your form neat and clean
• Follow directions carefully and completely
• Check your spelling (F7 key)
• Sign the job application
• Read over your completed form
• We will now complete a job application in class:
▫ Job title: Cashier
▫ Location: The School Store
▫ Pay: $9.75/hr