FLASH Chapter 1 Portfolio Project

Chapter 1
Portfolio Project
Name: _________________________
There are numerous companies in the business of developing websites for others. Many of these companies use Flash as one of their primary
development tools. These companies promote themselves through their own websites and usually provide online portfolios with samples of
their work. Log onto the Internet, then use your favorite search engine and keywords such as Flash developers and Flash animators to locate
three of these companies, and generate the following information for each one. Save to your server folder as FL_C1_PP (your username).
Company Name:
Contact Information:
(address, phone, etc.)
Website URL:
Company Mission:
Services Provided:
Sample List of Clients:
Describe three ways the
company seems to have used
Flash in its website.
Were these effective?
Why, or why not?
Describe three applications of
Flash that the company includes
in its portfolio (or showcases or
Were these effective?
Why, or why not?