Functions of Political Parties Classwork Activity Name____________________ Block Number_____________

Block Number_____________
Functions of Political Parties Classwork Activity
Working in your table group, read each scenario and decide which of the six functions of
political parties is being demonstrated. Record your answer in the space provided.
Educating electorate
Nominating candidates
Linking levels of Gov’t.
Help manage Gov’t.
1._________________________Ophelia Fennimore is standing outside of her local
polling place passing out pamphlets supporting the Republican party on election day.
2._________________________In 2000, George Bush ran against John McCain for the
Republican Party nomination. Primaries were held in several states.
3._________________________The Democrats criticize President Bush for going to
war in Iraq.
4._________________________The Republican Party airs several commercials telling
people that the US must continue the War on Terror to protect our country and state that
the Democrats will pull out to soon.
5._________________________Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (Republican from
Illinois) works with President Bush to pass the “No Child Left Behind” law.
6._________________________Democrats in Maryland require that you register as
Democrat before you can vote in the Democratic primary.
7._________________________Following his election in 2000, President Bush appoints
several close friends to ambassador positions overseas.
8._________________________The head of the Republican Party in Loudoun County
hosts a party to raise funds for Frank Wolf, the Republican candidate for Congress.
9._________________________Democrats question if Dennis Hastert should continue
to be Speaker of the House after he stated that he knew Representative Mark Foley had
sent inappropriate emails to a Congressional paige.
10._________________________President Bush proposed a Constitutional amendment
that would ban gay marriage.
11._________________________Represenatative Frank Wolf sends out a pamphlet to
voters to let them know he wants to make a historic preservation site called “Hallowed
Ground” along Route 15.
12._________________________Mrs. Fennimore travels to different communities to
encourage people to register to vote (but for what party?????)