Galapagos at a Glance

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Galapagos at a Glance
Location: Straddling the Equator in the Pacific Ocean, 600 miles from mainland
Capital: Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal is capital of Galapagos
Principal City: Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island is the commercial heart of
Area: 19 islands, and dozens of other islets and volcanic rocks have a total land
area of 3,086 square miles, spread over an area of sea covering some 20,000
square miles.
Population: About 17,000 residing on 4 of the islands, San Cristobal, Santa
Cruz, Isabela, and Floreana.
Language: Spanish, although English is spoken by our guides and other travel
Time Zone: The Galapagos is on Central Standard Time.
Requirements: U.S. citizens must present a valid passport for entry; currently no
visa or vaccines required.
Currency: U.S. dollars are now the standard currency in Ecuador and on
Highest Point: Wolf Volcano on Isabela, 5,600 feet high.
Largest Island: Isabella, 85 miles long / 1,800 square miles, has over half the
Galapagos total land area.
Government: Ecuador is a democracy, with an elected president.
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