INSTRUCTIONS: DRAW meaning of each vocabulary word TOUCH

1. Your group is to DRAW a picture that illustrates the
meaning of each vocabulary word
2. Each picture is to TOUCH the next picture.
3. The pictures are to be in ORDER of the words given in
the text so all appear alphabetical.
4. There are to be NO WORDS on the posters.
5. On DAY 1, each person in each group will PRONOUNCE
& DEFINE the vocabulary words IN ORDER.
6. For homework, each person in the group will then learn
the NEXT set of words for the following group.
7. On DAY 2, each person in each group will PRONOUNCE
& DEFINE the NEXT group’s vocabulary words IN
ORDER. We will proceed until all students have
learned all words using all posters.
 Each student is graded on the correct
PRONOUNCIATION of each Latin word.
 Each student then receives a grade sheet. The
student will write the Latin word and it’s
English meaning on the grade sheet and turn
it in for a mini-vocabulary quiz grade.
 You will only be graded on the vocabulary
words you are to know for that day . (total pts.
for the quiz will be about 10)
 A comprehensive vocabulary/derivative test
will be given as usual at the end of the stage.