Translating Verbal Expressions Notes

Translating Verbal Expressions Notes
*The word “______________” means you will need _________________!
*The numbers will generally stay in order, except when you see the words _____ or _______.
* The word _____ means equals.
1) The quotient of a number and 0.5
4) 8 less than a number, divided by 3
2) 24 decreased by 3 times a number
5) 8 times the cube of a number
3) 5 more than 6 times a number
6) The sum of the square of a number and 4
7) 10 times the sum of a number and 9
9) The quotient of 8 and twice a number
8) 18 fewer than ¾ of a number
10) 2 subtracted from the square of a number
Write an expression to represent each of the following.
1) Twice the quantity of a number decreased by seven, divided by four times
that same number
2) The sum of three times the quantity of a number increased by six, and half
the same number.
3) Five-sixths of the square of a number
4) 12 divided by the difference of a number and 2
5) The sum of 4 times a number and that same number cubed.
6) The product of the quantity x plus y and the quantity x minus y
7) The difference of 100 and b divided by the quantity 2b plus 10.
8) The quotient of the quantity 5 minus a number squared and 7.
9) 8 times a number reduced by the quantity b plus c.
10) n cubed increased by the quantity 6 minus n squared.
11) Two-thirds the quantity x squared minus y squared.