Horticulture 1 Stem Quiz from a bud?

Horticulture 1
Stem Quiz
1. Besides leaves, what is another plant part that comes
from a bud?
2. Name 2 functions that stems have for the plant.
3. What grows from an axillary bud?
4. The _?_ is left on the stem when a deciduous tree drops
its leaf.
5. What type of bud that is located at the tip of a stem?
6. From what part of the stem does growth occur?
7. The _?_ tissue carries food from the leaves down to
other parts of the plant.
8. The _?_ tissue carries water and nutrients up to all parts
of the plant.
9. The layer of cells called the _?_ is where cell division
occurs. This causes a tree trunk or a stem to get larger in