Chapter 29 Reading Guide- The World in the 1920s

Chapter 29 Reading Guide- The World in the 1920s
1. What major patterns do we see in the 1920s?
2. What happened to Western Europe after the war? What was the Kellog-Briand pact?
3. Who was Benito Mussolini and how did fascism become popular in Italy? Explain also what
fascism is.
4. What were the new nations of Central and Eastern Europe like?
5. What are the characteristics of the U.S. after the war and what signs are there that it is rising as
a major global power?
6. What happened in Japan after the war? Why did it shift from being a liberal democracy to a
military-controlled government?
7. Why did Mexico undergo a revolution? Who was Porfirio Diaz? Madero? Zapata? Villa?
8. What was the outcome of the Mexican revolution?
9. Why did Russia have a revolution? What were the causes and goals?
10. How did Lenin try to rule Russia? What was the New Economic Policy? What was the U.S.S.R?
11. Who was Stalin? How did he rule Russia?
12. After the Qing fell in China who was in charge? What was he like as a leader?
13. Who was Mao Zedong? Why did communism gain in popularity in China? What were the
obstacles of its success?