Parenting Week 15 Vocabulary Emphasize 1. accentuate

Parenting Week 15 Vocabulary
1. accentuate
2. alliteration
Words in a series that begin with the same sounds
3. bilingual
Able to speak two languages easily and naturally
4. consequences
Results of actions, both negative and positive, both natural and logical
5. egocentric
Looking at a situation only in terms of personal needs and wants, and not
6. moral
caring about other people
Relating to issues of right and wrong and affecting how people behave
A speech sound that distinguishes one word from another, e.g. the sounds
7. phonemes
"d" and "t" in the words "bid" and "bit." A phoneme is the smallest
phonetic unit that can carry meaning.
8. positive
A response to a desired behavior that makes the behavior likely to be
9. responsibility
A task which one is trusted to complete
10. Urie
Outlined layers of environment that affect a child’s development, such as
the child’s own biology, family/community environment, and society.