1. communication The exchange of information between people by

Parenting Week 5 Vocabulary
1. communication
The exchange of information between people by
means of speaking, writing, or using a common
system of signs or behavior
2. Dietician
Profession of a person who takes part in the planning
of meals involving nutritional needs
3. Head Start
A program funded by the federal government and
designed to prepare children to start school; provides
locally run child care to lower-income and
disadvantaged children from birth to five years old
4. Health
An agency that provides medical care to people who
cannot afford medical help. (immunizations can be
given here)
5. lead poisoning
A medical condition caused by toxic levels of the
metal lead in the blood. Sometimes found in paint
from houses built prior to 1978!
6. Monitor
Secure a program that prevents a child from accessing
inappropriate material (for example: monitor
television or internet usage)
Obstetrician/ gynecologist, a person with a medical
degree who specializes in the care for women who are
8. Red Cross
An international organization dedicated to the medical
care of the sick or wounded in wars and natural
9. Social Services
A government agency that provides social services to
individuals or a community
A technical profession that checks the prenatal
development of fetuses.