Things to include in your narrative essay… 5-3 10-9

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Narrative “Slice of Life” Essay Rubric
Things to include in your narrative essay…
The student writes a hook that sets the tone and
hooks the reader.
The student includes at least one exchange of
dialogue and punctuates it correctly.
The student uses many sensory details, adjectives,
and imagery to explode the moment.
The student includes at least five different types of
figurative language. (They must be highlighted and
labeled to receive credit.)
The story includes a conflict (internal or external)
that is easily identified in the initiating event.
The theme of the story is clear. (What did you learn
from the experience? Why is it important to you?)
The way to structure your narrative essay…
The student artfully crafts his/her slice of life essay
and concentrates on one moment throughout the
entire piece.
The student’s narrative follows a plot line; the
writing is organized. The story presents an engaging
picture of the action and characters involved.
The writer uses correct paragraph form and there
are no punctuation, spelling, capitalization, or
grammatical errors.
The final draft is typed (12 font, Times New Roman,
double spaced) and at least 500 words in length. The
final draft was submitted before/on the due date.