Creating Webpages Lesson 121

Creating Webpages
Lesson 121
Introduction to HTML webpages:
Make sure you have completed the 1st class assignment
■ You have the ' Web Page Programming ’ folder in your student
folder. (reminder: you will do all your work for this class from this
■ You have read section 121B: How HTML Tags Work & reviewed
the four basic tag commands at the top of the (green) page 595
Lesson 121 class assignment:
■ Go to Century 21 Book, turn it facing down and look for page 595,
lesson 121C Learn.
■ Read first & then Do the assignment: Enter Tags Using a Text
○ Open Microsoft Notepad
○ Do the exercise
○ Save it as 'webpage1' (in your web page programming
○ Open your shortcut to student folder on your desktop and
look at your webpage1.txt
○ Now save you webpage1.txt as an html file:
■ Go to File, click on Save as..., and call this file:
■ Referesh your Windows Explorer by hitting the F5 key.
Webpage1.html should pop up as an Internet Explorer file with an
Internet Explorer Icon (the big blue e). Open that file up and it
should open up as a webpage.
You have just made your first webpage!