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Mrs. Kurfees
and Mrs. McCann
October Newsletter
Kindergarten Newsletter
A Glance at the Weeks Ahead
Theme: Fall / Fire Safety / Scarecrows/ Pumpkins
Habit 1: Be Proactive Practices
-Pause and respond based on principles and desired results
-Use proactive language
-Focus on your circle of influence
-Become a transition person
Notes and Reminders
Clothes : Please write your child’s name inside
their coats, sweaters ,and jackets. Many
students are unable to recognize their own
Money: Please remember to put your child’s
money inside an envelope clearly marked with
the student’s name, my name, their lunch
number, the amount of money and what the
money is for.
Countries: ( If you have anything to share about any of our
countries we are studying, please let us know.)
This month’s country is Australia.
Nov. = Mexico / Dec. = Winter Around the World / Jan. =
Egypt / Feb. = China / Mar. Ireland / April – June = Brazil
Upcoming Events
Letterland: (characters and sounds of letters) Please
practice letters and letter sounds at home.
Sight Words: Students will have four to five words a week
to study. They should be able to read and write these words
on Fridays. Please help them study these words and to do
their homework nightly.
Oct. 14: Picture
Oct. 16:
PTO Dress Day - Pink Day
Oct. 21: Early Release Day
ELA: Identify characters and settings in a story / Retelling
stories / Drawing pictures to share information about a book
/ Front and back of book / read left to right
Oct. 23: Field Trip to Carrigan Farm
Math: Counting, reading and writing numbers 0-25 /Same
vs. Different / Sorting Please practice counting and writing
numbers at home. / Sorting / Naming Shapes
Oct. 27: Team Wear
Math Vocabulary: tall /short / long / front / behind /next to
/ below / above / beside
Oct. 29: PJ Day
Writing: All students should recognize their name and write
at least their first name.
Fall Festival 5:00 – 8:00
Oct. 26: Wacky Tacky Day
Oct. 28: Dress for Success
Oct. 30: Teacher Workday – No School
Nov. 5: Report Cards