Approaches to Learning:

Approaches to Learning:
Pondering, Processing, and Applying Experiences
 I can look for ways to
 I will ask questions.
 I will explore.
Curiosity, Information-Seeking, and Eagerness
 I can participate in a lot of
 I will play in each center.
 I will work with my teacher.
Risk-Taking, Problem-solving, and Flexibility
 I can try new things.
I will try new things.
Persistence, Attentiveness, and Responsibility
 I can complete something
 I will finish my activity.
without being distracted.
Imagination, Creativity, and Invention
 I can explore materials to
create and/or pretend.
Aesthetic Sensibility
 I can use my senses to
explore the world around
I will use materials to make
I will play and/or pretend.
I will use my eyes, ears,
nose, mouth and hands.
I will move from one activity
to another.
I will use my words.
I will take turns with my
I will try not to hurt my
I will share with my friends.
I will play with my friends.
Emotional and Social Development:
Developing a Sense of Self
 I can accept change.
I can express my anger
Developing a Sense of Self with Others
 I can be aware of my
behavior and how it effects
I can interact with others.
Health and Physical Development:
 I can do more self-help skills
on my own.
I will wash and dry my
I will use a spoon and/or
fork to eat.
I will drink from a cup
and/or carton.
I will put my things away.
I will be safe at school.
Motor Skills
 I can coordinate my
I will move my body.
Physical Health and Growth
 I can use my vision and
hearing to learn.
I will use my eyes and/or
ears to learn.
Safety Awareness
 I can be safe around
people, objects, and
Language Development and Communication:
Receptive Language
 I can understand and use
Expressive Language
 I can use verbal and nonverbal language to
Foundations of Reading
 I can show interest in books.
I will identify objects by
pointing, looking, giving or
I will let you know what I
I will communicate through
sign, pictures, vocally or
I will listen to a story being
read to me.
I can pretend to read
familiar books like my
I will point to words/pictures
in a book.
I can hold a book upright
while turning pages one by
one from front to back.
I will hold a book.
I will turn pages in a book
one at a time.
I will draw.
I will mark.
I will scribble.
I will make letters.
I will sort by color, shape,
size and/or object.
I will explore each center.
I will show awareness of
I will follow rules and
I will listen to my teacher.
Foundations of Writing
 I can represent thought
and ideas.
Cognitive Development:
Mathematical Thinking and Expression
 I can sort on the basis of
one or two attributes.
Scientific Thinking and Invention
 I can expand knowledge.
I can demonstrate an
awareness of seasonal
changes and weather
Social Connections
 I can understand
relationships, roles and rules
at school.
Creative Expression
 I can participate in
creative experiences.
I will participate in art.
I will participate in music.
I will participate in drama.
I will participate in
I will participate in dance.