Mrs. Hudson’s Classroom Newsletter September 28, 2015 What We’re Learning

Mrs. Hudson’s
Classroom Newsletter
September 28, 2015
Dates to Remember
 Identakid:9/29
What We’re Learning
Letterland: We will be learning about the powers
of Magic e to make the Vowel Man appear and say
his name. Magic e has the ability to shoot its
sparks over one consonant and make that vowel
change into a Vowel Man to say his name. For
example, let’s look at the word shin. The i says its
short sound, which is Impy Ink’s sound. If you add
Magic e to the end of the word shin, it will turn into
the word shine. The silent Magic e can jump over
the n and make Impy Ink turn into Mr. I. Mr. I says
his name.
Reading: We will read Iris and Walter. We
will focus on character traits and structure
of the story.
Math: Read/write numbers 0-1000, skp
counting, place value:1’s,10’s and 100’s.
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 Read nightly for 20
minutes and record.
Turn in homework on Friday,
 Letterland words:
Please remember
that part of this
homework is to write
6 sentences and
complete a practice
test in which I can see
the practice test.
If you haven’t bought your child a
magazine box, please do so. We
need a place to put several books
and activities to go with our
books throughout the year.
Classroom News
 IMPORTANT: Money for
field trip can be turned in.
 I would love a donation of
old books laying around your
house that your child doesn’t
read anymore.
 Your child is welcome to
bring in a pillow for read to
self time. They have to be
small enough where they can
sit on them and carry them.