1 Quarter Math Common Core Curriculum Grade

1st Quarter Math Common Core Curriculum
1st Grade
Core Standard
1.NBT.2 Understand tens and ones in a two digit number.
1.NBT.2 Compare two numbers with the symbols <, =, and >
1.MD.1 Order 3 objects by length.
1.OA.1 Add and Subtract to 10 using objects and
pictures to solve word pictures
1.OA.6 Demonstrate fluency for addition and subtraction
to 10.
1.OA.3 Use strategies to add and subtract
1.OA.5 Counting on and counting back in addition and
1.OA.4 Understand that subtraction is finding the
unknown part of an addition problem
1.OA.7 Determine if equations involving addition and
subtraction are true or false.
1.OA.8 Find the unknown in a + or – equation with three
whole numbers.
1.NBT.1 Rote Count to 120 starting at any number less
than 120.