Notes for Grammar Review

Notes for Grammar Review
Noun—person, place, thing, or idea
Concrete noun—word for something that can be touched (apple,
chair, CD)
Abstract noun—word for an idea (religion, love, music, honesty,
Proper noun—word that identifies a specific person, place, thing or
idea by name (Susie, Broad Run High School) Proper nouns
are always capitalized.
Collective noun—word for a group of things (school of fish, herd,
class, team)
Circle the nouns and write the name for that type of noun above the word.
The Outsiders is a book about some boys in a gang.
America is a country with a tradition of democracy.
Verb—action or state of being
Action verb—name of an action that can be done (jump, run, throw,
sleep, talk)
Linking verb—is, am, was, were, be, been, are (links the subject and
predicate without adding an action (He is a nice person.)
Circle the verb or linking verb and write the name above the word.
The book is on the table.
The fish swam quickly.
Adjective—modifies or tells more about a noun or pronoun (hot, spicy,
beautiful, seven)
Circle the adjective(s).
She wore a long, colorful dress.
Adverb—modifies or tells more about a verb, adjective, or another adverb—
often ends in –ly. Tells more about how, when, where, or how much
something happens (quickly, gently, fearfully, frequently)
Circle the adverb(s) and draw an arrow to the word(s) it/they describe.
It was dark and raining heavily as the man wandered aimlessly down
the street.
Pronouns—used in place of a noun or pronoun (he, she, it, they, their, you,
your, ours)
Circle the pronoun(s) and draw an arrow to the word(s) replaced by the pronoun.
Susan was a great swimmer. She always tried her hardest and had a
positive attitude.
Conjunction—joins parts of the sentence together (for, and, nor, but, or,
yet, so)
Circle the conjunction.
I would have been on time today, but it was raining.
Preposition—shows a relationship between words in the sentence (often
deals with location) (at, about, under, over, on, past, with,
during, except, within…)
Circle the preposition(s).
Through the forest down the hill sits a pink gnome in a green robe.
Interjections—a word or short phrase that expresses emotion (followed by
a comma or end mark) (Wow!, Well, Awesome, Geez!,
Oh, Hey,…)
Circle the interjection.
Oh, well, I’d better be going now.