Collage Meets Sculpture

American Contemporary Artist
• 1925 – 2008
• Assemblage Artist
• Painter, collage
artist, sculptor,
Art Movement
• An artistic style or tendency
seen in the intentions or
works of a number of artists,
because there is a striking
similarity among the
techniques, philosophy or
goals they have embraced.
• Rauschenberg is part of the
Neo-Dada movement,
between Abstract
Expressionism and Pop Art
Neo – Dada Art Movement
Dada meets Pop Art
Art movement that
flourished in Europe from
1916 – 1922; based on
irrationality and negation
of the accepted laws of
beauty – no “pretty
Pop Art
• Art movement in the
1950’s and 60’s that
depicts objects or
scenes from everyday
life and employs
techniques of
commercial art and
popular culture.
Rauschenberg’s Fame: The Combine
Art Materials + Everyday Objects
A Combine is "in the gap
between art and life”:
2-D and 3-D present in a
single work of art.
Ex: Paint + Trash + Clay +
Newspaper + Rocks + Ink
all in one
First of the Combines,
Bed was created by
dripping red paint
across a quilt. Some
critics considered the
work to be a symbol or
violence and rape.
Bed. 1955. Oil and pencil on pillow, quilt, and
sheet on wood supports
Canyon, 1959, oil, house &
tube paints, pencil, paper,
metal, photographs, fabric,
wood on canvas, buttons,
mirror, stuffed eagle,
cardboard box, pillow, and
Monogram, 1959, taxidermy goat, rubber tire, tennis
ball, paint, police barrier, heel of a shoe
Winter Pool
Winter Pool, 1959, oil, paper,
fabric, wood, metal, sandpaper,
tape, printed paper, printed
reproductions, handheld bellows,
and found painting, on two
canvases, with wooden ladder