Contributing Factors (or Causes) of Global Warming to the air

Contributing Factors (or Causes) of Global Warming
1. Burning fossil fuels—adds a lot of CO2 to the air
2. Deforestation---lowers the amount of CO2 that can be captured and O2 that can be captured
because there are fewer trees to do the work
3. Cows (Methane)—Cows expel a lot of this in flatulence (farting)
4. Air pollution—causes global dimming, which brings more clouds which don’t bring rain—just
5. Inorganic fertilizers (give off NOx and VOx)—Agriculture is more industrialized, more inorganic
fertilizers (made with chemicals—instead of using only manure) add NOx and VOx to the air
6. Cultivation of rice---gives off a lot of Methane
7. Increase of population—more people, more vehicles, more electricity, more greenhouse gases