Study Questions: Chapter 5

Study Questions: Chapter 5
1. What does Nick do for Gatsby as a favor?
2. Gatsby offers to return the favor by offering Nick a rather lucrative business deal.
Explain why Nick is so offended and refuses Gatsby’s offer.
3. It is raining when “the day” arrives. Describe the weather’s role in this chapter.
What does it symbolize?
4. How does Nick catch Gatsby in a lie?
5. Explain the three emotional states that Gatsby moves through upon meeting
6. Gatsby knocking over the clock is symbolic of what? Why is this scene included?
7. Why do you think Daisy cries when she sees all of Gatsby’s beautiful shirts?
8. Why is the song “Ain’t We Got Fun?” both appropriate and ironic?
9. This chapter is often seen as the beginning of Gatsby’s downfall. What has the
green light come to represent?