Last Will & Testament Vocabulary Multimedia Objectives

Last Will & Testament Vocabulary
Multimedia Objectives
1. Bequeath-to give or leave by will —used especially of personal property or to
hand down.
2. Contesting
3. Executor-the person appointed by a testator to execute a will.
4. Annul-to declare or make legally invalid or void.
5. Codicils-a legal instrument made to modify an earlier will.
6. Duress-forcible restraint or restriction.
7. Testament-an act by which a person determines the disposition of his or her
property after death. A will.
8. Beneficiaries- the person designated to receive the income of a trust estate.
9. Constitute-to appoint to an office, function, or dignity.
10. Estate-the assets and liabilities left by a person at death.
11. Revoke to bring or call back.
12. Animated GIF-A type of moving graphic used on web pages.
13. MPEG-The extension for video files that display movies.
14. Sound File-A file that can produce sound on a computer.
15. Graphic-A picture, photograph, drawing, or captured picture such as a scanned
16. Multimedia-the use of graphics, sound, and video in a single document, such as
a web page.
17. Media Player-A Windows utility program that allows the user to play sound and
video files.
18. WAV-a basic sound file that can be read by computer with Windows operating
19. MIDI-Musical Instrument Digital
20. AVI-A popular format for video files.