Student Led Conference: Student Agenda

Student Led Conference: Student Agenda
Use this as a resource to guide you through your conference with someone that cares about you
and your education.
In the classroom:
 Share our Classroom Mission
 Poster that shows the types of assessments we use to collect our data.
 Reading Learning Target and Check Points
o Show the Essential Curriculum.
o Read our Strategic Goal out loud.
In your Data Folder:
 Reading Folder:
o Share your Reading Fluency data.
o Share your Weekly Vocabulary Checks data.
o Share your Skills Check data.
o Discuss your CFA data for each essential skills.
o Compare your Baseline or Benchmark Data
 Writing Tab:
o Share your writing assessment.
o Discuss what skill you worked on and talk about how you feel you have improved as a
Before you leave:
 Fill out a student reflection sheet.