Project Based Learning Project Ideas Essential Question 1:

Project Based Learning Project Ideas
Essential Question 1:
What is the good, bad, and ugly of Social Media? Why is social media a good thing? Show
examples of how it can be used for promoting positive messages or things? How is social
media bad? What necessary steps must be taken for it not to be seen as a negative thing?
How is it ugly? What really is the safety issues that youth must know about social media.
Research and find ways on how youth have been killed or bad things happened from not
using social media wisely? Create a multi media presentation that includes both the good,
and bad, and safety steps of social media.
Essential Question 2:
Back in the day 60s, or 70s, or 80s era……What was happening during this era?
Interveiw 3 people who lived during the era and write 3 real stories of the persons you
interview. Include what significant life changing events happened, and how did this impact
their life. Did the life-changing event have a positive or negative impact on their life?
Essential Question 3:
How does tradition and culture affect an area? Research an area or landmark in North
Carolina, describe and give information about this place. What was the cultural event or
significant i
mpact of this area or landmark? What historical stories or events occurred here? What has
changed about this landmark or area? Was the change a positive or negative one? (You may
interview specific persons for information in conjunction with this project.)
Essential Question 4:
“I can Make a Difference”-What area in Iredell County would I like to improve and
why? or I would like to help citizens who are? Research an area or place in Iredell
County that you would like to improve? Explain why? Give historical background of area,
and significant reason you would like to do the project you have chosen. Notify a local
community agency and create a partnership to complete an improvement project in this
Essential Question 5:
What are the causes of cancer? What types of cancers can people get? What are the ways
in which doctors and therapist treat cancer? What ways do families and others help people
with cancer? What agencies, organizations, or programs are available to families and
cancer victims too help them through the tough times. Contact an agency to see how you
can support or help, and/or do a short "Support Victims of Cancer" drive and make a
donation to a local agency.
Essential Question 6:
What are the considerations given when creating a new product? How does
marketing affect the buying and selling of a product? What role do stock brokers
play in product buying and selling, and how does this affect the worth of the product
and company that sells it?
Your company is looking for an existing product to be redesigned for the 21 st
Century consumer. Your team has been given the job to decide the new and
improved product. You must create this new product and design a marketing
campaign to persuade people to buy it. Create a persuasive presentation to sell a
product which has been redesigned for the 21st Century. Research and find out what
stock broker's do and explain buying and selling of stock and how marketing affects
the price of stock and worth of a company or product. Make sure to consider these
factors in creating your product and marketing campaign.
Essential Question 7:
How would you design the government of a new country? Groups of
students, working as a United Nations Task Force, advise the leaders of a new
nation on how to create a constitutional democracy. Representing seven
nations with varying experience in democratic government, the student
groups consider parliamentary versus presidential systems, federalism,
balancing power among the three branches, and the need to create conditions
that will sustain democracy.
Essential Questions 8:
You or your team have the opportunity to participate in a local community
revitalization effort by developing a walking tour throughout town of
Statesville. You will need to identify community landmarks that should be
included on the walking tour, research history surrounding those landmarks using
primary and secondary resources, and/or interviews, and communicate their
findings by writing and recording a narrative that will guide the tour. Create a
technology multimedia presentation showcasing these landmarks?
Essential Question 9:
How dirt works?
Research and find out about the different kinds of dirt or soil. What are the types? What are
the types used for? What happens to make dirt/soil unfertilized or not useful? How dirt or
soil helpful to people? What is the value of soil as a natural resource (regulates water,
sustains plant and animal life, filters pollutants, cycles nutrients and supports structures).
Then explore the importance of having/maintaining healthy soil. What are the different
individuals descriptions of healthy soil (to an agriculturalist, to consumer, and to
environmentalist? What test can be done to determine if the soil or dirt is healthy?