Name __________________________ Crash Course #17 US History: Expansion & War

Name __________________________
Crash Course #17 US History: Expansion & War
1. John O’Sullivan coined what catchy phrase for American’s God-given right to the land from one ocean to
2. The video game “Oregon Trail” was accurate in that a lot of people died of Cholera and what other disease?
3. To encourage settlement in the land not densely populated, the Mexican government granted a huge tract of land
to whom?
4. What was banned in Mexico but the Texan settlers from the United States brought anyway?
5. What leader decided to assert control over the rest of the territory?
6. After the Alamo, Texas was independent and was known as what?
7. Which president was coming into office when Texas was annexed?
8. What state was added to keep the balance of slave and free?
Slave State ______________________
Free State________________________
9. What area did Polk want to acquire even though Mexico said no?
10. What did Polk do after Mexico refused to sell Mexico?
11. Who was thrown in jail for not paying taxes to protest the war & wrote “On Civil Disobedience”?
12. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo set the border of Texas and what other major region?
13. Rising anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant movement was called what?
14. What was the nickname of the “American” party who embraced Nativism?
15. How did anti-Catholicism effect Mexicans in the newly acquired American territory?
16. What group of immigrants came to California to work in mining and railroad work?
17. Who else labored in the West?
18. Identify economic opportunities for men & women in California.
Men Women 19. What was the ratio of men to women in California?
20. The MYSTERY DOCUMENT demonstrates that there was a growing frustration among what people in
California who were not treated well? Describe how they were treated.
21. What party formed in 1848 in response to the fact that California was half in the slave region and half in the free
region? Were they abolitionists?