Take a Syllabus. Take a lab safety contract Find an empty seat. 1.

Take a Syllabus.
Take a lab safety contract
Find an empty seat.
I look forward to a great year…
how do we get there?
1. Be Respectful to me, your classmates and yourself
2. Please raise your hand when wanting to speak and
only one person speaking at a time.
3. Come prepared to class and ready to learn.
4. Cell phones may be used for “Good” not “Evil”, I
will take it up if you are using it for evil
5. I am here to help you, please remember that…
Let’s Have a Great Year!!!!
Classroom Website: If you have a cell
phone, please pull it out and log on to:
Take a second and set up the website to your
home screen or save it to your favorites.
Let’s Get Going…
Define the following in your own words:
 Observation
 Inference
 Prediction
Spend a minute looking at the photo…
Write 5 observations…
Write 5 inferences…
Write 5 predictions…
Observation- a remark, statement, or
comment based on something one has
seen, heard, or noticed.
Inference- a conclusion reached on the
basis of evidence and reasoning.
Prediction- a statement about the way
things will happen in the future, often but
not always based on experience or
Get out your Fancy Phone go to:
 goformative.com
 Class code: UGVV642
Why is it important to understand the
difference between observations,
inferences, and predictions, specifically
in forensic science?