Shepherd Elementary Parent Involvement Policy

Shepherd Elementary Parent Involvement Policy
(as aligned to ISS BOE Policy 1310/4002)
As the instructional leader of Shepherd Elementary School, it is my goal to involve
parents in the education and well being of our students whether it involves
decision-making or instruction.
Like Iredell-Statesville Schools’ goals, my goals for parental involvement also
• Meaningful two-way communication between school and parents;
• Promotion of responsible parenting;
• Involvement of parents in student learning;
• Promotion of volunteering;
• Involvement of parents in school decisions that affect children and families;
• Parental training;
• Community collaboration;
• Promotion of student health awareness.
Where the word “parent” is written it is understood that it may also read
“guardians” or “legal custodians” of students, as applicable.
Teresa Waugh
Principal of Shepherd Elementary