Burma Genocide Tyrone Pen Asim Chughtai

Burma Genocide
Tyrone Pen
Asim Chughtai
What is Genocide
According to Meriam Webster, genocide is
defined as the deliberate killing of people who
belong to a particular racial, political, or cultural
Where is Burma
Burma is east of India and south of China. Its
southeastern border has a coastline with the Bay
of Bengal. It is also referred to as Myanmar.
Causes of the Genocide
The Muslim Rohingya have no legal status and
face discrimination, abuse, and elevated
violence in Burma. Hate speech an violent
attack are occurring currently.
The Christian Karen people are the target of a
militarized ethnic conflict headed by the
Burmese government. The government is being
accused of “Ethnic cleansing”.
2012- Violent attacks and hate speech with antiMuslim sentiment.
Present Day- Militarized action against the
Christian Karen people.
Who is Responsible
The new democratic government is doing little
to help the Rohingya and have kept fairly quiet
about the ill-treatment of these people.
The government of Burma has launched
militarized action against the Christian Karen
people to maintain the Burmese culture.
Picture of Conflict
Peace is not absence of conflict, it is the
ability to handle conflict by peaceful means.
-Ronald Reagan
What is the Conflict
The conflict is mainly around religion and the
various conflicts that arise with stratified religions.
Over 200,000 Karen people have been driven
out of their homes because they are Christian.
The Rohingya people continue to be
persecuted because they are Muslim.
Who is Involved
The Muslim Rohingya, Christian Karen, and the
Predominant Buddhist government.
What is Being Done About It
For the Rohingya people, little to no hope has
been seen since the government itself does
nothing to help them out in their battle with
violent discrimination.
The Christian Karen people have militarized
action against them by the government.
 The conflict is ongoing despite efforts made by the United Nations. The antiMuslim movement in Burma continues to engulf the nation and create
conflict each day.
What Can You Do
 Build museum
 Write book and novel
 Tell story
 Teach kids at school
 Donate money
Pledge Awareness
We Pledge Awareness of the conflicts in Burma and will do our
part in stopping this abomination.
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