to absorb a small group of 1. assimilate larger population

Immigration Vocabulary Words HW # 19
to absorb a small group of
1. assimilate
people into the culture of a
larger population
to leave one’s homeland to
2. emigrate
live elsewhere
a minority that speaks a
different language or follows
3. ethnic group different customs than the
majority of people in a
a part of a city in which a
minority group lives because
4. ghetto
of social or economic
a document issued by a
citizen’s home government
5. passport
that identifies a person and
allows them to travel to other
organized and often violent
persecutions of minority
6. pogroms
a limit based on numbers or
7. quota
to treat someone harshly
8. persecution
because of their beliefs
people who flee their homes
9. refugees
or countries because of war,
persecution, or other causes
institution located in a poor
neighborhood that provided
10. settlement many community services
such as medical care, child
care, libraries, and classes in
poor, crowded, and run-down
11. slum
urban neighborhoods
cramped quarters on a ship’s
12. steerage
lower decks for passengers
paying the lowest fares
residential areas that sprang
up close to cities as a result
13. suburb
of improvements in
a shop or factory where
14. sweatshop workers work long hours at
low wages under unhealthy
a building in which several
families rent rooms or
15. tenement
apartments, often with little
sanitation or safety
a gov’t document that allows
people from other nations to
16. Visa
enter the country for a limited
period of time
(not a credit card)