Mrs. McInnis’s Monday Memo!

Mrs. McInnis’s Monday Memo!
Here’s what’s happening in our class the week of September 14th:
Reading- This week students will be working on lots of independent reading in a
chapter book of their choice and starting their first project. We will be starting the
DRA testing as well.
Language- Along with reviewing adjectives and conjunctions, students will be
writing a descriptive paragraph using the steps of the writing process.
Word Study- Students will participate in smaller word study groups and discuss the
various letter and sound patterns. Their first test will be on Friday. Some of their
words may still be a review from last year at this point.
Social Studies- This week we will finish learning about the five regions and
important waterways of Virginia. We will have a quiz on Virginia’s regions this
Thursday. They should also know the order of the regions from east to west and be
able to label them on a map. Students will bring home their notebooks to study.
Math- Math groups will also start this week. We will continue numbers and place
value, focusing this week on comparing, ordering, and rounding. We will have
addition and subtraction timed tests on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Homework will
come home Monday through Thursday. We will have short math quizzes each
Friday. These will be on the skills practiced during the week at school and for their
homework. This week’s quiz will cover comparing, ordering, and rounding numbers
up to millions.
1. September and October volunteer calendars are on my website. Thank you
to all who have volunteered their time to help us this year!
2. Our lunch time is 12:05 every day. Snacks for the morning should be
“healthy” and not too messy for our classroom.
3. Don’t forget to sign the planners over the weekend on the Friday box. This
counts as their homework on Monday mornings.
4. Please keep all DLR practice sheets that come home in the Monday folders in
a safe place to review each week. Our first DLR quiz will be this Friday on
DLR weeks 1 and 2.
5. Please have your child work on the Dreambox and Reflex math programs
once a week at home for a minimum of 20 minutes. We will be doing this at
school each week as well. I am not going to assign a particular day for them
to complete these, but will be checking their status frequently to see how
much time has been spent on them. If I get the email that states a student has
achieved 100 percent fluency on the Reflex for adding/subtracting before
November, they can start the multiplication/division (some students are
already on the multiplication/division).
6. If your child was interested in becoming an SCA representative, letters were
due to Ms. Dominguez today. If you forgot to turn it in, please bring it in
7. If you have volunteered to work in our classroom, there is a form that is in
the Monday Folder that needs to be filled out and returned as soon as
possible. Only those parents who will be working with students or doing our
folders each week and in our room often need to fill it out. Thanks!