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Roman Web Quest
Directions: We will be in the computer lab to further explore the empire of ancient Rome. Using the
internet and links provided below, search for information to answer corresponding questions. Be sure to
thoroughly explore each area, as answers will be listed in a variety of locations. Any unfinished questions
will have to be completed after school.
To navigate through the web quest, you may need to use the back and forward arrows at the upper left
hand side of your screen. Click on the highlighted links to begin – and have fun!
Go to:
Overview: Roman Britain, 43 - 410 AD by Dr Neil Faulkner
1.) Why did the Romans invade Britain in 43 AD?
2.) Describe “Romanization”:
3.) Why did Roman Britain eventually decline?
4.) Which three groups repeatedly raided Britain circa 400 C.E.?
Rome’s Pivotal Emperors:
1.) How did Augustus become emperor of Rome?
2.) How long was Vespasian’s rule?
3.) How did Hadrian control the borders of the Roman Empire?
4.) What did Marcus Aurelius do to increase social mobility?
5.) Septimus Severus realized that an emperor’s true power lay where?
6.) Describe two of Constantine’s achievements:
The Official Truth: Propaganda in the Roman Empire by Dr Neil Faulkner
1.) How did Roman emperors describe “barbarians”?
2.) How were Roman emperors depicted to influence public opinion?
3.) Why was Hadrian’s Wall built?
4.) How was religion in the Roman Empire treated?
5.) What were some of the religious duties of Roman emperors?
Mosaics of Roman Britain Gallery
1.) After looking at several of the beautiful mosaics, tell me which one is your favorite, and why:
Roman Religion Gallery
1.) Describe early religion in the Roman Empire:
2.) How did the Greeks influence Roman religious practices?
3.) What religion was perceived as a threat to the Roman Empire? Why was it considered a threat?
Rome’s Greatest Enemies Gallery:
1.) Who were the Visigoths? Describe their achievements:
2.) Who was Attila? Describe his achievements:
3.) List three of Hannibal’s achievements:
Battlefield Academy:
First, pick the Roman Icon
1.) Launch the battlefield game. How did your troops do?
Death in Rome:
1.) Launch the mystery game. Who did it? Did you finish in the time period? Was your guess correct?
Social Pecking Order in the Roman World:
Describe the distinctions between the classes in ancient Rome:
List the rights of a citizen. How are they different than non-citizens?
Did the opportunity for social mobility exist in ancient Rome?
Resisting Slavery:
1. What was the role of a slave in ancient Rome? What rights did they have?
What percentage of the population in Rome were slaves?
Gladiator: Dressed to Kill:
1.) Launch the gladiator game. How did your fighter perform? Did he live or die?
The Roman Empire in the 1st Century
Click on “special features” and enter the “Emperor of Rome” game:
1.) Which emperor did you choose?
2.) After completing the game, how did you do as emperor?
Quiz: Who are you?
1.) After taking the quiz, who are you? Do you think this is accurate?
You’ve reached the end of the web quest. Well-done, Roman!