ActivInspire Video Questions:

ActivInspire Video Questions:
View the four introductory videos about ActivInspire and answer the following questions.
Please make sure to have answered all of these questions prior to requesting your Pen & Remote.
Feel free to bring this document along with you as a guide when requesting your Pen & Remote.
If you have any questions or concerns please see Steve Sandy.
Video 1 -Intro to ActivInspire
1. What is the opening screen of Inspire
2. How do you change the color and size of
the pens annotations?
3. How do you clear annotations’?
4. What does the connector tool do?
Video 2: Working with text
1. What do you click on to bring up the text
2. How do you add text without using the
computer keyboard? (When you are at the
3. How do you select text?
4. How could you use the ordering tools in
your classroom?
Video 3: Resource Library
1. What is the resource library?
2. What is the difference between “My
Resources” and “Shared Resources”?
3. How do you get a background from the
resource library onto your flipchart?
Video 4: Customize your Tool Bar
1. How many colors can you have on your
2. What is the difference between the
Authoring toolbar and the At the Board