Life as an Early Human – Hominids

Life as an Early Human – Hominids
Step 1: Create a CLAN
Choose 3-4 people to be part of your CLAN. You will be working together to complete
the following tasks.
Step 2: Complete Tasks
Complete the following tasks in any order. Take pictures or videos to show you were
able to create what is needed or complete each task.
Task 1: Sharpen a Pencil
Task 2: Find food
Task 3: Have a Conversation with your Clan and create a message you will spread to
other clans. This message does not have to be more than 1-2 sentences.
Task 4: Spread your message to another clan and receive their message from them.
There should be conversation back and forth that shows you both understand each other.
Task 5: Find a shelter
One Problem… You CANNOT do or use the following to complete all of these tasks
1. speak at any time (other than hand gestures and noises)
2. use any writing utensil
3. use any letters, numbers or languages (includes sign language)
4. use any technology (other than phone for pictures/recording)
5. use any manmade building or object
You may use the entire campus (other than Construction Areas) to solve your problems, but
cannot go into the building (it’s manmade). Please be sure to take photo or video evidence
of each task. You will have 20 minutes to complete all 5 tasks. The group or groups that are
able to complete all 5 tasks will earn credit for the assignment… those that do not will
receive no credit.
Activity Questions
Overarching Question: How Did We (Modern Humans) Get Here?
1. What was so difficult about the activities and tasks you were given?
2. What was the purpose of having you do all these things?
3. What did you learn from these activities?
4. How are our lives today different from the lives these people lived?
5. Come up with an example of someone (general) who still has to, or chooses to, life a
similar lifestyle.
a. How did they get to this point? By choice or by circumstance?
b. In what ways do their lives compare?
i. Give specific examples of at least 3 similarities