Lowes Island Elementary School Miss Flaim’s 2

Lowes Island
Elementary School
Miss Flaim’s 2nd Grade
Happy Monday!
This coming week in our classroom, we are working on:
*Science-Life cycles Unit (Focus on Plants)
*Writing –Poetry
*Reading-Identifying the author’s message in a fictional text
Barter Day Project Information came home last week-Students need
to create a product (that they can actually construct) and prepare a
speech to tell us about their product. They will need to create 20
items to trade and a poster or brochure to go with their
presentation. After speeches, we will meet up with the other 2nd
grade classes and barter with our products. Speech Dates will be sent
home soon! Parents are invited this year to come see our products
before we start bartering! Parents are invited to come from 8:309:00 am on May 27th to view the products before Barter Day begins.
(A look ahead: Portfolio day/our awards ceremony will be June 9th.)
We have been working on summaries these past few weeks. Please
encourage your child to do an oral or written retell of the story when
you are reading together at night. Any opportunity the student has to
practice his or her retelling skills can make a big difference. They
will be asked to write a summary to pass the end of the year
If you have any questions please email me:
This Week…
Math: SOL 2.11-The student will estimate and measure
c) liquid volume in cups, pints, quarts, gallons,
and liters.
Math Facts: For the fourth quarter, students will have 3
minutes to complete 50 addition or subtraction problems to
20. *Continue to practice Math facts at home.
Content SOL Strand and Bullet: 2.8: The student will investigate
and understand that plants produce oxygen and food, are a source
of useful products, and provide benefits in nature. Key concepts
include a) important plant products are identified and classified;
b) the availability of plant products affects the development of a
geographic area; c) plants provide oxygen, homes, and food for
many animals; and d) plants can help reduce erosion.
May 9 t h , 2016
* Homework Chart*
Monday: Word Study Menu
Read for 15 minutes and sign reading log
Tuesday: - Word Study Menu
Read for 15 minutes and sign reading log
Math homework- Draw/make gallon man
Wednesday: -Word Study Menu
Read for 15 minutes and sign reading log
Thursday: -Take a Practice Spelling Test to
prepare for your test tomorrow.
Read for 15 minutes and sign reading log
Reflex for 15 minutes
Friday: Poetry Notebook comes home – read poem
to family members. Try to get signatures so you
can get the magic number!
School Supply Kids for the next school year will be on
sale from May 2nd-May 27th. See the Lowes Island PTO
website for more information on how to order.
Important Dates…
May 23rd-May 26th-Barter Day Speeches
May 27th-Barter day
(Parents are invited for the first 30 minutes
to see the products-8:30 am-9:00 am)
May 30th-Memorial Day-No School
June 3rd-Field Day
June 9th-End of the Year Celebration
(Portfolio Day/Awards)