When you hurt, But don’t have any physical wounds

When you hurt,
But don’t have any physical wounds
Who can you go to?
Who can help you?
When you feel alone,
Where do you turn?
What do you do?
With lots of experience
On the hurt and
You turn to me.
I’ll help you
Be your friend,
Keep your secrets,
And most of all
It occurred to me
In the midst of monotony
That I wasn’t meant for this world
My ideals, my maturity, my responsibility
At the mere age of 17
What I do today may or may not effect tomorrow
What I do in a lifetime?
Could change a generation.
It occurred to me
In the midst of obscurity
That I wasn’t meant for nothing
My knowledge, my questions, my curiosity
The mere thought keeps me restless
What I do today can or cannot affect tomorrow
What I do in this lifetime?
Will start a revolution.
All I wish
Is to make people comfortable,
And wanted,
Because we are all wanted right?
We should all be happy right?
Me, myself not a huge contributor to the world
As a whole,
But as long as I’m here
Very few will go unnoticed.
When I find something I believe in,
I am a hard worker, though it’s usually behind the scenes.
I have a driving force of an ox,
I will not stop till I reach my dreams.
Friends remember how I am a great listener,
And though they mock, they all love my snorting, truly genuine laugh,
One so deep it can fill an entire room,
And somewhat resembles an asthma attack.
I am a person to be reckoned with when it comes to smoothie-making,
Though my parents do not appreciate it for the noise of that trusty blender leaves the
house shaking!
All my life I’ve loved to put on my running shoes and hit the ground,
And one day I hope to have raced all across Virginia with the ease of a greyhound.
A strong leader regardless of the situation
A comforter in times of distress
A bold father, who’s always there for his child
A flattering husband, who gives endless love
An ambitious worker, with fantastic work ethic
A brilliant football coach who refuses to lose
A fun-loving friend who constantly wants to hang out
A great cousin who always looks out for the family
An even better brother who always has the best advice
And the man everybody wants to be like
I am a dreamer
Of a life beyond this world
Of places where smiles are plentiful and tears are miniscule
Where people come together for a common good
Where no child is left behind
I dream that I am a pearl and the world is simply my oyster
I dream that I am my own knight in a world full of princesses
Years from now they will remember my name
Not for my looks, but the size of my heart- a true giver they’d say
I am dreamer of a life beyond this world, where I am the hero of my own story
What will my next verse be?
You’ll just have to wait and see
I’m a searcher.
I search for the unanswered questions,
People are scared to acknowledge.
I search for the innate, good hearts in people,
reassuring myself on my belief in humankind.
I search for a cure,
ridding the world of hurt and hunger.
I search through old, eroded mementos,
trying to clutch onto consistency in a changing world.
I search for the answers to unexplainable events of the past,
while I search for the answers to the future.
I search for explanations to the riddle so called life,
searching for moments bundled with exhilaration and gratitude.
There is a saying that I stumbled upon
In a book, I think
Or maybe a magazine
But it has stayed with me ever since
“I’m not who I was but I know who I am”
This is who we all are I think
Ever-changing and if we’re lucky,
I seem to be different day to day
I’d like to think improving
But I fall
We all fall
It is our hardships that teach us
Our greatest abilities
I cherish my friends and family endlessly
And their kindnesses shape my own
It is from them I have learned
That in our darkest moments,
The people we cling to
Are the people we truly love