5 Grade Newsletter th

5th Grade Newsletter
What We Are Learning:
Science– The Scientific Method will be our first unit. We will also be
studying the Earth’s layers and plate tectonics.
Math– We will be learning about prime, composite, odd, and even
numbers. We will also be working on word problems. We will be learning
about patterns and finding perimeter.
Writing- We will be learning writing strategies. Throughout the year
we will concentrate on the five-step writing process and self-editing.
Social Studies- We will be focusing on the vocabulary terms and map
skills from the curriculum. Also, we will be learning the states and
capitals of the Northeast region of the United States.
Reading – We will be finding the meaning of
unknown words using context clues. We will also be
learning about reference materials, main idea, and
Upcoming Events
Thursday, September 17 – Back To School Night