Careers Research Assignment – Gourmet Foods

Careers Research Assignment – Gourmet Foods
Name: ______________________
Career: _________________
Due Date: Friday, April 11, 2014
Value: 100 points.
Late policy: Lose 15 points/day, unless you are out sick-due next time you are in class
Research your given career and create a presentation to present to the class on Friday,
April 11th. Presentations can be in any format you are comfortable with, but you need to
let me know by the end of class Friday what your format will be. For example, you can
choose to create a poster board about your career, a newspaper ad, a job description, a
video, a powerpoint, or an essay. Whichever format you choose, it must be done neatly,
without spelling and grammatical errors, and most importantly, complete. You should
be able to discuss the career with your peers and teacher, as well as answer questions.
You should be able to say more than what you put on paper or in your materials.
Necessary elements:
o Education and/or training requirements
o Skills needed
o Characteristics needed for sustaining the career (continuing education, passion for
food, willingness to stay current, etc.)
o Schedule (9-5, flexible, long hours, weekends, etc.)
o What type of places does this person work (restaurant, hotel, hospital, etc.)
o Flexibility for work/life balance (lots of personal time?)
o Daily tasks - include sub categories if applicable (what does a person in this
career actually do)
o Salary information (how much does this person get paid per year/week/hour)
o Benefits (vacation, health insurance, paid time off, etc.)
Suggested Resources:
US Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Career website:
If you use other sites, make sure they are reputable. Governmental or job search sites are
your best bet. Site your sources at the end of your powerpoint or project. DO NOT
COPY and PASTE!! You must use your own words.