Class Directory

Class Directory
Dear Parents,
In order for you to have phone numbers and addresses of the children in our
class, you must give permission to release that information. The directory is a
great tool to help you send out birthday invitations, arrange play dates, etc.
Please note that our class directory will only be distributed to the students and
families in our class. This information will not appear on any website.
If you would like to be listed in our class directory, you will need to state your
permission below. Class directories will be sent home as soon as possible. Thank
you for your help!
Mrs. Zitel 
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Please list the following information in the class directory:
***Please write clearly so we can read your information with ease ***
Student Name: _____________________________________
Parent(s) Name(s): __________________________________
Phone Number: _____________________________________
Address: __________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________
Parent Signature