Alice: Chapter 4 1. Pre-Lab4 questions

Alice: Chapter 4
1. Pre-Lab4 questions
2. What does it mean to write a Procedure?
a. Why is this helpful?
b. How can we “re-use” code with this technique?
3. Create new classes in Alice.
a. Modify an existing class by adding class-level procedures, functions or
b. Access this class in the listing of classes in your world (this is accessed via
the hexagon icon above the code editor).
c. Click the “Save to Class File” button; navigate to the correct location to
save the new class and give it a name.
d. This demonstrates the power of inheritance. The new class has all the
features of the class used to create it; in addition, it has all the features that
you added to it.
4. Instantiate objects of your new class.
a. In Scene setup click the “My classes” tab and then browse to the folder in
which you saved your new class.
b. After you click “open” you should see the image of your class; you may
now insert an instance of this class into your world.