Algebra I part I

Algebra I part I
Mr. Wolfgang
Welcome to LCHS! This course is the first math requirement as you work towards
graduation. Algebra I part I, Algebra I part 2 and Geometry or Functions/Algebra will be
your 3 required math credits for graduation. Like any skill or talent, such as playing a
sport or a musical instrument, you must be willing to put forth the effort and work to
mastering the task. Regular practice is what it takes to be and remain successful. Plan to
be engaged throughout class as we will be learning in a variety of ways. Come to class with
an open mind and a respectful personality.
Summative - will account for 100% of the total grade will include, but are not limited to:
Test, quizzes, daily quizzes, skills reviews, book work, and/or graded assignments
Formative will account for 0% of the total grade and may include, but are not limited to: (These
grades will be put into CLARITY but not count on the overall grade. It is more of an informational grade)
Group work, class work, and homework
To improve your Chapter Test score, complete the retake.
Your new test grade will be the higher of both test
Your score will not be lower than your original score.
You must show all work.
Materials: Each student needs a system of organization. You will
need to bring materials to class every day. For this class you will need:
1 in. 3 ring binder
Pencil (No pens or markers are allowed)
Calculator (I will have these available for use)
Textbook (these will stay in the class)
1. Be respectful!
2. Be prepared!
3. Have fun!
Good attendance is needed to be successful in school, even more so for a math class. The
attendance policy follows the school policy: for each day missed, you have one day to make
up the work. Work can be made up independently, during RR, and before or after school
(make plans with me). Again there is no homework only classwork that will need to be made
I will do all that I can to help you be successful in this class. We will have fun, but there
will be a lot of serious times that will need your direct attention. The ultimate
responsibility lies with you as a high school student. Please do not hesitate to ask for help
so that you can keep your grades up. I am available during RR or before/after school if
you make arrangements. I look forward to an enjoyable and productive year!
Please have your parent or guardian read this syllabus and sign and date below:
________________________________ Student name
________________________________ Parent name
______________________________ Date