Syl*la*bus 3Bs: Be There

Room Number:
Mrs. Masarik
Be There (Get to class on time)
Be Ready (Agenda & chapter book)
Be Kind (“The Golden Rule”)
Your success in Language Arts is dependent on your willingness to accept responsibility for your own
learning. You must become involved in class activities by participating in discussion, asking questions and
sharing your ideas. I expect you to show respect and consideration for others in the classroom.
As your Language Arts teacher, I will guide you, answer your questions, and provide extra help. If we work
together, we will have a successful school year!
“If you are not willing to learn,
No one can help you.
If you are determined to learn,
No one can stop you!”
The Curriculum:
During the 2015-2016 school year, we will focus on the five strands of the Loudoun County Middle School
Program of Studies for Language Arts:
1. Oral Language – class discussions, individual and group presentations, interviews, Readers Theatre
Plays, etc.
2. Vocabulary – prefixes, root words, suffixes, figurative language, vocabulary from literature, etc.
3. Reading –Reader’s Workshop, reading strategies, literary terms, shared reading, independent
reading, summarizing text, form study (short stories, novels, non-fiction, drama, and poetry), etc.
4. Writing – Writer’s Workshop, writing process, writing prompts, common editing mistakes, grammar,
5. Research – print and non-print texts, note-taking, MLA format, etc.
Grades are determined using a points scale. The number of points you accumulate will be divided by the
number of points possible. For example, if you scored 35 out of 40 points on a test and 15 out of 17 points
on a quiz, you would have earned 50 out of the possible 57 points offered (50 / 57 = 88%).
Re-take Policy:
If you receive a 69% (D or F), or below, on a test or quiz, you will be given the opportunity to re-take that
assessment. Both scores will be averaged together for the new grade. Students must complete a retake
request form and turn it in to their teacher at least 1 day prior to retaking an assessment.
Classroom Procedures:
Before Class Starts:
1. Come into class and take your assigned seat before the bell rings.
2. Prepare/organize your materials (notebook, textbook, pens/pencils, agenda). This includes
sharpening your pencil.
3. Your journals will be kept in the classroom, unless the teacher tells you otherwise.
4. Once you have prepared and organized your supplies, you should start working on your “Bell Work.”
Using Classroom Materials:
1. The staplers, tape dispenser, scissors, hole-puncher, etc. are located on the “Supply Shelf.”
2. You should have no reason to touch or take anything from the teacher’s desk.
3. The “Reading Zone” in the classroom is for your use. Please treat the classroom books with care and
4. If you need to use any other supplies or materials, please ask for permission.
End of Class Procedures:
1. Stay on task until the teacher alerts you to prepare to leave.
2. Always leave the room looking exactly the way it did when you entered it. All supplies and
materials must be returned to their proper place before you will be dismissed.
3. Mrs. Masarik will dismiss you, not the bell!
When you are absent:
After an absence, check the make-up folders posted on the wall in the back of the room. Remove any
handouts with your name on them. Read everything before you leave class. If you have a question, first
ask your neighbor. If your neighbor can not answer it, ask me at a time when I am not instructing. If
an assignment was collected while you were absent, write “absent” at the top of the page; date it with the
current date; and place it in the tray for your class period.
Students will need the following materials:
Language binder
with 5 dividers
loose leaf paper
pens and pencils
2 note books
Please return this page to Mrs. Masarik by Friday, September 4. You will keep the syllabus
in your binder for reference throughout the year.
I have seen the Grading Policy and Class Expectations from Mrs. Masarik
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