Create a company

Instructions: Delete everything highlighted in yellow and replace
it with your answers. Good luck and have fun! Don’t forget to
delete this text box, too!
Your Business (Team) Name
Executive Business Plan
Create a company
logo/picture and
replace this text
box with it.
Product or Service:
Describe in great detail the product or service your company will be selling.
Target Market:
Describe what type of person would use your product or service, and why. This is
the type of customer who will purchase your product.
What other companies will you compete against for customers? Why is your
product or service better than theirs? Be thorough.
What will you do to sell your product? How will you advertise to potential
customers to make sure your product becomes well known?
What is your goal for the first year of business? For instance, you can describe
how much money you want to make, how many sales you want to make, what
areas of the US you want to get the most customers, or any additional goals you
may have. Take your time with this and make it impressive but realistic.
Management Summary:
Describe the management team… that is, everyone on your team. List their name
and their skills that add value to your company and the product and/or service.
Exit Interview:
What did you learn from this project? What changes would you make? How
would you grade your team?
30 Second Commercial:
30 second PowerPoint Commercial advertising your product or service. Can have
music, video, text or words.