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Curriculum Notes
Reader’s Workshop:
During the month of January, students read
independently, in small groups, and in whole
group environments. Lessons focused on a variety
of skills; some of which included the review of
context clues and the structure of nonfiction texts.
Students continued to practice making inferences
and asking questions while reading fiction.
During the month of February, students
will continue to focus on some challenging skills
such as figurative language and multiple
meaning words.
Each student analyzed his/her reading
involvement at the end of the second quarter and
set goals using the “The 40 Book Challenge”
handout. Please continue to encourage your
child to read daily. The best way to become a
better reader is to read more!
(SOL 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6)
Writer’s Workshop:
During the month of February, students
will work on composing strong paragraphs. In
order to prepare for multiple paragraph
composition writing, during the third marking
period, the students will be writing strong
paragraphs that include a topic sentence, specific
supporting details, and a clear conclusion.
Editing and revising will continue to be
emphasized during February as well. Mini-lessons
will include: reviewing the use of quotations,
apostrophes, and interjections. We will also have a
grammar component focusing on adjective and
(SOL 5.8 and 5.9)
Newton-Lee Elementary
February 2016
Students will continue to learn about
adding/subtracting, comparing, and ordering
fractions during the first part of February. Next,
the students will be engaged in decimals and
will learn how they relate to fractions.
Teachers continue to assess students’
math progress in a variety of ways. Two
valuable resources have been the online
computer programs, iReady and Reflex Math.
We ask parents to encourage students to use
these as learning tools weekly. Additionally,
students should be reviewing math concepts
from their math journals nightly.
If parents have any questions, please
don’t hesitate to contact your child’s math
(SOL 5.6, 5.2, 5.5)
We are currently engaged in our
Sound unit where the students are learning
about sound waves and how sound is
created. The students will be involved in a
One to the World activity where they will
be able to research and provide knowledge
to others about the harmful effects of
sound and ways to protect your hearing.
Our next unit will be Light. The
students will learn about light waves and
the characteristics of how we see light.
(SOL 5.2, 5.3)
Social Science:
Students will continue studying the
Southeast region of the United States. Through
creation of postcards from each state, we will
have cross curricular lessons of social science
and writing. Next, we begin the study of the
Midwest region. Focus will be on the Native
American culture of this region and Westward
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Explorers on the move!
February 2016
Important Dates
Middle School Course Update:
Students will be taking the middle school placement
math assessment on Monday, February 8th as a
make-up from the scheduled February 5th testing
date. Students have the option to opt-out using the
form previously sent home.
Valentine’s Day:
Valentine’s Day is approaching. While our
class is not having a party, your child may distribute
Valentines to classmates at a designated time during
the day on February 12th. A letter with student
names will be coming home in Thursday folders.
In keeping with current practices designed
to protect the health and safety of all children,
elementary students in Loudoun County Public
Schools are not permitted to distribute candy or
other food items to classmates. As Valentine’s Day
approaches, it is important for parents to understand
that candy brought to school by students, including
candy attached to Valentine’s Day cards will be
returned to the parent.
Newton-Lee Elementary
February 4th
2nd quarter ends
February 5th
Student Holiday/Teacher Planning-Records Day
February 8th
Middle School Math placement assessment
February 12th
Report Cards Go Home
February 15th
Presidents’ Day Holiday & No School
February 20th
Skate Night-Ashburn Ice House/Spirit Night @
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