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Ms. Catherine:
Feb 8-12 2016
Voice-Mail: (940) 369-3949
Please be sure to send an absence excuse note for any absences!
Dear Parents,
This week we will be learning about Valentine’s
Day. Signs your child will see this week are: van,
vacation, village, valley, video, viper (snake), venom
(poison), vulture (bird), pink, candy, pig, socks,
bows, bubble gum, Valentine’s, balloon, and icing.
Our Valentine’s Day celebration will be this
Friday. Please be sure to send a Valentine for
every class member as well as a box of some sort
for your child to keep their cards in.
Easter will be at the end of March. Please
start planning to bring filled eggs (a dozen per
student). We will be doing an egg hunt at school
but we will be making the baskets here in class so
you will not need to send baskets. Eggs could be
filled with candy, stickers, erasers, chalk, etc.
Eggs will be sent home after the hunt, we won’t be
eating any candy at school. If you have any empty
milk cartons (or any similar type jug carton) please
consider recycling them to us. We will be using
them for our Easter celebration. Just send them
in to school as you empty them. We would greatly
appreciate it!
Please remember you can contact me via email,
phone, or text. If you have any questions or
concerns please let me know.
Thank you,
Ms. Catherine
Week at a Glance:
Theme: Valentine’s Day
Letter of the Week: T
Color of the Week: Pink
Fine Motor skills: coloring, tracing, name
writing, gluing, cutting
Homework for the week:
Color, Number, Shape, and Letter