Course Narrative

Course Narrative
Course Title – Advanced Functions and Modeling
Course Description
Advance Functions and Modeling is a continued study of the properties and
relationships in algebra and trigonometry. This course covers linear, rational, radical, quadratic,
and trigonometric functions. Students will analyze graphs using a transformational approach.
They will also explore the relationship among the numerical, graphical, and algebraic
representations of functions.
Learning Expectations
The student will:
identify, graph, and write linear, rational, radical, and quadratic functions and apply the
concepts of these functions to real world models.
find domain, range, and inverse of functions
calculate each of the six trigonometric functions using the unit circle or given the value
of one trigonometric function in radians or degrees
identify the domain and range, graph, and relate the parent trigonometric function in
order to transform each function.
Summative 80% (including, but not limited to…)
o Tests
o Quizzes
o Problem Sets/Graded Worksheets
o Group Work
o Projects
20% (including, but not limited to…)
o Skills Quizzes
o Test corrections (where assigned)