Marie de France “Bisclavret”

Marie de France “Bisclavret”
LEAVE YOUR STORY IN CLASS—this is a class set of stories.
Read this medieval French story and work together in your group to answer the following. You may use
your phones or computers to find the answers to questions 1-4. You may use Wikipedia for this type of
quick, informal research.
Who was Marie de France?
What is a French lai?
How is it different from fabliaux?
What is Marie de France’s tie to Chaucer (you need not be specific, here).
In your own words, write a brief summary (5-10 sentences) of “Bisclavret.”
How is this story different from the Canterbury tales that your group has read in class and
researched independently?
7. How is this story similar?
TURN your answers in to the sub before you leave. Be prepared to work in your literature circles
Thursday and Friday. You will be expected to bring a brief summary (1/2 page written or so) and your
interesting passage bookmarked so you can share it with your group. See you tomorrow!